Final user

The risks mentioned in this OSH Space are occupational and as such, specific for the professional who processes the products of the Cosentino® Group. No specific risks have been identified associated with the final use by the consumer of the products as construction surfaces (countertops, flooring, cladding, facades, sinks, shower trays, etc.).

The finished slab products do not represent any health hazard when transported or used in its intended application as countertops, vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding, etc., and are in most cases certified by independent international organizations as materials that comply with the indoor air quality standards with respect to volatile organic compounds, and with the requirements of health safety and suitability for food contact.

As in the case of any other construction material containing crystalline silica (granite, slate, marble, quartzite, tiles, bricks, concrete), the cutting and finishing of the products must be carried out by professionals in appropriate facilities for this purpose. If the processing is necessary in the place of installation of the product, the professional must use means to avoid the generation of dusty atmospheres (processing with water supply, dust extraction) and the inhalation of the dust that could be generated (respiratory protection, ventilation means). In any case, this does not pose a health risk to the final user. Silicosis and the other diseases associated with Respirable Crystalline Silica only develop as a consequence of continued or repeated occupational exposure.